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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mother Earth and Her Children in Rainbow Colors

Aho Relatives,
Well I tried something new and added the flute. What I thought would sound good (in tune), did not.  And what I thought would sound badly (not in tune) did not (sounding better). Sow, I figured, "Thinking gets in the way", just trust your heart flow, the know.  Anyway there is a reverberation and delay, in this recording which came from speakers to enhance the sound, as well as a track overlay for the flute. Holiness David suggested I use head phones to listen to the file rather than the speakers.  However, again, "thinking just gets in the way, trust your heart what it says". It's so much easier this way. Our souls are soooooooooo old, we need only allow and trust our access to this heavenly knowledge, with practice. 

This is difficult to follow when we think.  Think upon these things children of heaven, make them habit without thinking, but feel your way.  Bless and purify your soul each day with fire blessings and saying, "i bless the sacred nine directions", which means, I bless with fire, to cleanse the rainbow clan mire, to find the wind only blows through me. I am the soul that lives inside and remains free, when fire and water blessings save me.

There are nine sacred directions; up, down, in, out, here/all around, n, s, e, w. Numerical values, not in order are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. A direction means a flow or zero. 9x9 is 81 directions (Book: Tao te Ching represents this cycle, let us not forget this is only part of the world).  This is the flowing winds, rivers and blue, meaning relatives as leaves on the tree of life, swimming around in heavenly blue. Those who are true are called "true blue", relatives of heaven, known here upon earth.  We rarely bless the 81 which means, "Holiness Leads", but instead simply bless the nine directions, rainbow streams/flows.  The blessing of and for each other we share in the winds, our hearts and thoughts of the day, rainbow waves. We have more than nine rainbow colors/clans member splendid rainbow spectrum of four colors (tools of light), but those from heaven represent motion of a wave rather than color itself, as well as producing a color in it's movements.  

This is why looking at auras are not correct, because color is produced by other colors. Colors cross over each other and create new colors and it gets quite confusing in the rainbow spectrum. But if we simply bless the sacred nine directions with fire and with water through out our days/daze, then we can alleviate the impure that flows and bring peace and abundance in our lives.   Bringing home to ourselves by sharing our hearts with all, we light a fire, bless 9 directions and we are off our way, the direction of God's display, the true blue, who cleanses the winds in you (blue road windy rolling hills, bowing. Over rainbow colors or the pathways through each other or red road, which can be blinding, unnerving).

For the world at large these new colors are unseen and therefore hidden to our consciousness (separated).  All dark colors and all sound, not heard, comes into our existence as heavenly space is colliding into our earthly space (unity). Shock to the red road upon earth (fire, flesh, male, dream), where only skills of the heavenly blue road (water, soul, female, dreamer), can only quell the many lessons which enter our lives.  Allowing each other to be an expression, only needs validation.  This is the law of love upon the red road. If you don't walk towards the lesson, then it repeats. But to turn the lesson from heaven, into a treasure, takes skills of a true blue warrior, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, the marching crusade of children, grown children who lead as seeds for heaven on earth.

Allowing each other to be an expression, only needs validation. Repeat what others say. Do not take it any way, but only that it's the law of love, that repeats and reverberates all we know, for it's the heavenly way. Like the echo of time, we hear, when we shout a name, across the canyon halls.  We are the end of space collide. We are the helpers, who collide. We walk towards hearts of those who need and bring in halls so sweet. And when all can allow each word to be said, then only hews of rainbow will be met. And each have a part and perspective to be, part of the sacred unity. 

And as all our hearts learn to intertwine. The many will be shocked and blind, to awaken a soul, an eternal being, that need not think, but allow all things.  We trust the inner voice you hear, but only after there is no fear. Bless all who come into your space or demand, it's the perfect stance to take.For there is only one law in the universe, the law of love, the singularity.  And this is how we do it, we take the hands and imbue it. We hold our hearts together regardless of what we say. Those who walk away, choose not to allow loves weight. Heaven rules and reigns, now it's about time heavenly domains. Earth is shattered and torn, now heaven mends all wounds. We only need repeat them, then speak your heart completeness, but always start with blessings, to clear the way. For those who are unwilling to bow down and pray, break the law of heaven each day. 

Woman stand your ground, demand your blessings each day, from all children, the warriors who stand near you and men, who are older need know the way, wisdom comes from the voice of woman always.  She is our heaven, our home we stand on. We must only validate her, protect her and offer her a grateful kingdom in which she is safe.  She is Mother Earth, the unseen forces that demand her girth. 

Yet, we know it's time, for heavenly reign, when we the believing children, learn of heavenly waves. When we the rainbow children, learn how to save each others daze, by holding the words of others in a validation way. Repeat what others say to you. Repeat the sound in your soul. Repeat your voice for others to hear, but just remember we must all follow the same road.  Repeat the harmony of the sound of angels. Repeat the child within. Repeat the willingness that lives within you and receive the glory of God's reign.  Heaven and Earth stand together as Mother and Father greet and kiss.  We are the children who measure, the uncompared treasure of them all. You are the star, the relative from afar, come home into my heart from everywhere. I love you forever. I love you this loyal day. I love you more to say, We are one family, the rainbow clan you see, for heaven's children are here to seize, the heart of heaven on all knees.

We bow like the rainbow in time, allowing all voices to chime. True heart of the soul, always lifts and is bold, the greatness of heaven is inside of me. I am the heart of what we do need. Relatives, I am near you, just send a prayer to catch the wave too. And I will hear your song, just for us to get along. I will sing back to you, the heart who smiles and choose, the many splendid sounds, the glory of God abounds.

Holiness David Running Eagle (drums the Buffalo Drum) and I hope you enjoy the song. We have so many to share, but cannot always get them to you, especially in a time of going within. This is the time to gather with others, to plan a way to be safe for the great migration coming to Mother Earth. When the Blue Star, our Twin Sun is seen in the sky, it will be too late. For it's a collision course for her too. The great cleansing of what our Indigo prophets tell us constantly.  It's time for us to lead into the heart of sleeves (cry on me, I will help you find your needs).

your devoted servant(s),
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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05282011 Mother Earth.mp3

"For White Buffalo Calf Woman I have only good words.  The best that describe her is 'Unreasonable Love for all'.  Her spirit is what I hope the new world will be like.

I feel profoundly blessed to know her. Also that people do not have a clue to the heights into heaven her heart sings.  She is an honor to any group of people." says  Going Places in Grandmother Space

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Song for the Pipe
When the pipe comes in your heart and knows where Mother is then we will fly to the heavens and see where God begins, so reach in your heart and find the way, just reach in your heart and sing. Speak all the ones who are elder and true, find their way, find their heart that is blue, when we know the song of all the waters that are pure, and the song of all the breathers that flow.  And when smoke that arises from Mother bosom's heart, bless the sacred space that always knows the way.  Sow heaven when we mistake each other, when we don't know our sacred way, let us help to receive our brothers and our sisters who are pure.  Let them know that each other is only, if you both walk on, inside your heart is where we sang upon the road, let us remember this heart we stand, let us remember this one we make our way. Let us remember God 's mighty hand and the sacred way of the fire pure, of the sacred way of the blue that's pure, of the tears that flow for our bounty knows the way.

Prayer to Heaven and Earth, the Nine Sacred Directions each time we bless with water's dark and fire's light, included in the Pipe!  To the East1 and the West2. To the North3 and the South4. To the Up5 and the Down6. To the Sacred all around7. To the heartbeat8 (inside) and breath9(out), I gift all my sacredness. I receive my life for thee. Forever in the breeze!

The Heart Beat Set Your Self Free

http://white-buffalo-calf-woman-sings.blogspot.com/2011/10/heart-beat-set-your-self-free.html http://www.divshare.com/download/15855820-c2e Aho Relatives, This Sacred Song Blessing was asked by the children (100's of them), who gift to the world. This song is for the world, the Rainbow Clan. We hope you enjoy, the fight for LOVE. We bless with fire and water to bring glorious that what we see. Your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star Drum. elder crystal child, iyeska wakan, the walking song and elder lavender child, wicasa wakan, the holy man, the talking drum. Alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Blue road, Heavenly Soul. Red road, help me grow. Yellow road set me free. I'm bowing down, to the heart in the breeze! Jump and Spin Around http://www.divshare.com/download/15874597-902 Paradise Upon This Land http://www.divshare.com/download/16074319-0bf