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White Buffalo Calf Woman (Sings) your Twin Deer Mother Gifts the ARC/ARK of the Covenant for the Rainbow Clan (you are part of the circle). Ask for your Sacred Song Blessings! Ask for your Four Rainbow Colors, often called the Buffalo Robe or Your Sacred Four Directions. This would be Your Holy Temple which Houses Your Soul! ~Receive Your Great Treasures. ~email: twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Great Sioux (Snake)

Spirit of the Lake (green grass), envision the Seas, the Ghost (soul) inside of thee!
For "all my relatives" and to the Sioux Relatives around the world, learning to become integral in the world is not going to be easy, but it will be easier for everyone, once the soul is awakened within you. Spirit of the Lake people (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota), realize how great you are, you have suffered for the world, now you have received the highest honor, ordained on the Western Shore, the inner sun rises forth, to create dreams in this storm. You must remember. Pray, bless constantly and seek inside your heart, for we need each and every arc. You are the priestly people of the green grass where new beginnings means the crystalline stone river flows freely, with sacredness and devotion upon Mother Earth. Let us all bow together in a sacred circle. I bless the sacred nine streams and the four directions. Your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Stars, elder relatives of the Rainbow Clan, the oneness of man.


Relatives of the Rainbow Clan (you), Another song, that teaches about the snake (evolution path) with images! Reference to this Sacred Song Blessings for the Sioux, the trail of the snake, where the law of love presides, heavenly waves take hold of the pride (the rainbow clan).

Hay-ee-oh, hoke-ta, hoke-ta. 
Tell me the song, to help me get along. 
Him-hoe, down in the bow, reek-sh/ee, doe-man-ee.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Taking them home to the Trees, Each a Leaf, Relative Peace!
Gratitude fills our hearts with joy every day, bringing us sustenance to go out and play. To bee (impossible flight of a dream) good children who know our way. Glory for another brand new day. Joy has arisen to fill our hearts again, the gratitude of the wind. The sky that holds us so close to the air, where God does blow in the winds. Let us walk into green grass fields, where the sun rises to tarry along, to offer us the night sky, to bellow the song to the stars. Here we know where we belong, where the "Cloud People" show us the way!

The Heart Beat Set Your Self Free

http://white-buffalo-calf-woman-sings.blogspot.com/2011/10/heart-beat-set-your-self-free.html http://www.divshare.com/download/15855820-c2e Aho Relatives, This Sacred Song Blessing was asked by the children (100's of them), who gift to the world. This song is for the world, the Rainbow Clan. We hope you enjoy, the fight for LOVE. We bless with fire and water to bring glorious that what we see. Your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star Drum. elder crystal child, iyeska wakan, the walking song and elder lavender child, wicasa wakan, the holy man, the talking drum. Alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy. Blue road, Heavenly Soul. Red road, help me grow. Yellow road set me free. I'm bowing down, to the heart in the breeze! Jump and Spin Around http://www.divshare.com/download/15874597-902 Paradise Upon This Land http://www.divshare.com/download/16074319-0bf