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Monday, October 3, 2011

Understanding, it's the Color of the Wind

Greetings to your Heart, 
we bow to know your greatness this day,
This Sacred Song Blessing is from the Heart of the Yellow Child, Little Crow Who Talks to Thunderbird. He always has great songs that lie upon his heart. He the yellow child, becomes the dreaming or the dreamer. He also carries blue and rainbow overlays, which feel for the heart and divining or reverberating with the rainbow colors.  You know the first time we, Holiness Running Eagle and I, gifted a prayer to him, each paragraph was a new song. It was amazing how the holy red road, stayed clear in the drumming that held them all together. We thank Holiness Running Eagle.  But what was most interesting, was he was much like a radio, picking up many different frequencies at the same time.  In this song as well (deep), he starts by overriding signals from the dog to the frequency variation of the voices and together there was a great echo, the great magical crystal river that streams.  To assist with the understanding, we have created a sound file that others will understand with the lyrics which lead us up to this understanding.  We hope you enjoy the great Sacred Song Blessings that run in the winds. Let the Yellow Child show us, the waves, dreaming is here to stay.

your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Drums, the elder crystal child, wakan or sacred walking song and elder lavender child, the wakan or holy talking drum!

ps. Have you ever noticed that all versions of English all sound like North American English, when it's sung. For the Song lives in North America, the land of the free, who will roam to where the rainbow clan lives (everywhere the winds blow).

Understanding the Heart Beat of Your Heart (version one, whole song)

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Understanding, It's the Color of the Wind (version two)

Lyrics to first half of song, then play the second half of the Sacred Song Blessing from the Heart of Little Crow Who Talks to Thunderbird, the yellow child, rainbow warrior of prophecy. First version complete, second version, last half.

Understanding, It's the Color of the Wind (our Brother and Sisters of the Rainbow Clan) part one lyrics.

Cleave to my heart this day. Do you hear the heartbeat display. Walking down that road in the sun.  Dancing around the sky and the moon. I am seaing the breeze. Come on, my Brother Sister understand me. Gain up in the sky learn how and why, whether it's a great snow. Sister look at the sun, know there's a great run, all the waves on the flow. Can you feel the the stars in the sky. I wonder so often and why. I got to be here . . . standing next to you.  

Understanding, lives upon your heart. All you got to do is play your part.  You're color of this show, you're the magical of know. And I know you are streaming and you are in this dreaming. Raise your soul on high and look up and you can touch the sky and we will be true, love lives in you. Understanding, it's the color of the wind. 

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Understanding, It's the Color of the Wind (our Brother and Sisters of the Rainbow Clan) part two lyrics
(Version Two, only the second half of the song. Here are the lyrics you can sing along...)

Understanding, it's the color of the wind. And we're going to fly free.  It's here it's destiny. Step up to your heartbeat, and know that it's the place we got to start, and it's real neat. Perfectly a spirit that is complete. Rainbows touch the sky, And I will be here and I know why it's such a dream. Brotherhood you know we stream. 

Here we flow out in the growing, vines of love it's in the knowing.  Come with me and hold my hand, and yesterday will be understanding, riding the waves. Perfectly is what you say. Perfectly is what you say.  Let me dance and show you the wave.  Let me dance and show you the way. 

Dancing from the sky, the rainbow colors drop and know the sky, it's where we reign. Brotherhood you got to make your stain. Fill that colors of the world and know that every rainbow glass is filled with your love, when you dream God is here, you are a dove (peace is known, harmony believes in dreams). 

Dance with me, feel the beat. Feel that heart beat say, "I got to bee complete". You got to pray with me this day, and I will show you understanding, it's your heart ray.

White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "Aho over the rainbow, we flow, the waves of yesterday, come home for us to praise. Let's play...for we are looking for better days"

ps. For more understanding of the sacred daily prayers, download "the holy week day" at birthingofhope.blogspot.com.  This page will lead  you to prayers and blessing strategies for your holy day.

As we talked, we shared the walk 4:04pm to 4:41pm, October 2, 2011. 

Aho Little Crow (lc) and White Buffalo Calf Woman (cw) share together),

Here is the place you shine, the growing of all that is thine. My heart is growing, the inside of knowing, that's what we need in all things, the heart who eliminates sin/shame/blame and brings back the story again.

lc: At pow wow, talked with arena association about taking place as elders. There is no steering and question traditional.  Because if we did, the grand entrance would be shut down.  I continued to talk with administration, elders and spiritual elders. Eddy Three Eagle and Chactau Badger.  Reached into my eyes, and we have to put our name out there.

lc: Don't understand the fight. Colorado and not powwow either.  Dance and sing, but no heart that breathes.

lc: Cultural wakan (walking) tanka, us we are able to do it, evolution revolution.  Slowing down, willing to stand more and more are ready, but how.  Keepers as harmony, lost that way. Close to the road as we can get.  Step up.  Red Feather Woman, cousin said, "I'm the real indian".  Another was being forceful and you stepped in, guiding "Don't beat her about telling her stuff. No forcing. Help guide if they listen like a coyote, no force my Brother."

cw: Validate, dance it and tell her story right back to her. Story tellers, must start to become just this, the story teller.

lc: No vending, spirituality instead. There is a story about the hummingbird.  There is a big fire in the forest. All the animals run.  The hummingbird went to the river to get some water to put out the fire.  The animals asked the hummingbird what he was doing, because he could not put the fire out all by himself.  The hummingbird replied saying, "What I can".  

cw: Yes, but the hummingbird who flies the impossible flight, shows us by leading the way.  The hummingbird says, "I know what to do, let us work together and we can put the fire out."  It's by teamwork all of us, are going to accomplish great things. We together unite brotherhood. Each who stand up, join together with others, to bring the united front to the battle, eliminating the impure (sin), to bless them to purity and to become themselves once more (through the sacred blessings). Those who stay in daily prayers and purification bring to us, the state of mind, of unity. Those who do not, oppose and walk separated paths.

lc: Watch me, I am going to show.  Weird things happening. Don't know my center.  Potion medicine validated.  Ham no.  "Celebrate engagement".  Change but humble, self realization is greater, than any vision. "Self realize" starting to wake up or what is my purpose.  Each on a mission, practice our way (traditional).

lc: Prayer on things, fire or water prayer. Love is what I live from. I ask the ancestors and creation and walk it the best I can.  Exactly what I am doing, what I 'm doing. Looking for balance.

cw:  Traditional is the red road, the physical wave.  The story teller is the young child. If we listen to the young child, then we don't understand the path, but must be led down the path.  This has been done by the white man, sharing Christianity, because the coin of consumerism, needs be changed to the golden coin.  What the story teller lacked in vision of oneness (perspective), Christianity gifted the balance of knowing the full circle.  It's the red road of the blending of Christianity and Story telling that the North American Natives can understand the perspective of Oneness.  What we are trying to learn is instant downloading, from the universe.  This can only happen on the blue road. When we use our soul, the elder soul comes from the Native American, because they are this fact.  To get one to the blue road, one must spend time in daily prayer.  

cw: Will send the "The holy week day" to you found on page birthingofhope.blogspot.com.  This can be handed out for others as well. We can talk once a month as you requested by telephone.  Lack of internet access, sow he appreciates the hand outs.

Much love as we face the sacred nine directions and wakan tanka (walking talking), the Great Spirit within us, "I am". All are sacred and Great Spirits and we bow to each and all and for the Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father who bring us to fruition, heaven and earth here we come!

your devoted servants 
White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star, 
elders, alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to Let You Know!

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