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Friday, July 5, 2013

Dreaming of You

All My Relatives, 
The word "pane" is the window pane where we have visions flow through. Dreaming of You. White Buffalo Calf Woman sings, elder crystal child, alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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Enjoy all my Relatives
White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star drums
Elders of the Rainbow Clan, Angel Services Around the World

On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 6:06 AM, Cup of God flips over and pours out <cupofgod@gmail.com> wrote:

Blessings beloved relatives,
the HEART always has pureness
Thank you Twin Deer Mummy for this divine reminder.
Blessings and greetings to the four sacred streams and nine sacred directions.
Cup of GoD wishes you a magical weekend.
magenta halls of consciousness

On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 1:55 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com> wrote:

Image: 12 red rings hold onto 1 blue ring, where the red and blue cross, access to the yellow road of dreaming is possible down the blue rings, the great journey of the soul.

Greetings Cup of God and All my Relatives on the Hoops,
You said, "Blessings and greetings to the four sacred streams and nine sacred directions."

Image: nine streams and four directions and it's folding during Holy walking or wakan, representing the heart beat.

For a magenta child, especially with an aqua overlay, it must feel like the four wholy (whole, hole, holy) directions and nine sacred streams, seem to cross and all colors must go every which way.

The streaming is the nine streams, flowing through the four directions. Four directions do not move, but stand still (buffalo robe, house of self, four directions in rainbow colors, our holy place where streams flow through), like a zero, hoop, circle, where all streams through. Ah, aqua is 10 or red-flows (aqua clouds). The four directions fold or bend, which wakan or holy walking can find deep within the treasures in the bin/bag/within.

Yes, "the HEART always has pureness", the cosmic dust that flies towards the inner light. You know people tend to move towards this first (soul within, heart begins, blue road of heavenly winds), then start to think about their issues, and change their minds (intelligence, red road of the lessons before treasures).

And it's a magenta child who comes smack into this phenomena (karma, lessons). The law of love, the many lessons are directed to the magenta child (magenta color), whom is the great librarian. Directing lessons to be overturned into treasures is a big job for the magenta color. People and lessons come towards the magenta constantly, because here the roads do cross, the red road and blue road. Getting people to shift means demanding the sacred blessings and redirecting towards forgiveness blessings, to activate their dreaming, to wish for miracles each and every day.

You know Grandmother Upon the Hill (gray child), Princess of Dawning (violet child), Chippewapa (blue child) and You (magenta child), all have magenta and aqua colors. For you's/ewes/lambs all move others towards the loving light, when love is rebound. It's getting people to dance and sing with an arm around them. Together/bonded/glued/blued we find the light. We merge inside, where heaven forgives with delight. Praise this world, for all it's gifts in sight.

Image: Flying like clouds.

Once Grandmother Upon the Hill talked about his abilities in heaven, which he is not imitating on earth (aligned soul with flesh), because like most people we don't believe in our dreams. I was telling him that one day, what we dream will become reality. He just understood. Most of us don't dream about happiness, we dream of despair, thus the world is unhappy. Infusing daily bouts of singing and dancing gifts us promise of joyous days/daze.

These last weeks (several months now), at any moment I start to cry, because in the streaming I can feel all the tears fall within, to create the magical blue road of heavenly virtues.It's time to get Holiness David on the job sending love, forcing love, which only holiness can do, the wakan (holy walking) view Learning to bow is the first step and forgiving the world for it's inability to dream fruitful dreams.

Image crystalline stone or Star of David, with rainbow colors flowing through, the sacred nine streams.

To get people to have a good dream, is the k/new learning of the evolutionary process. We can fly in real life (on the red road of paradise). Just think "one day", we will just jump up and fly around. Gravity will not be an issue, like in our dreaming. You know Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing, took a photograph in her pocket of cosmic dust. She is a silver child, where slivers/chards of divine light become the dew (part of), the extension from inside the STAR of DAVID, which touch the next stone of a Relative's Star of David, the crystalline stone each beloved child (flowing crystalline streaming orbs of light, the great journey in the night, a light from within).

Image: Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing took this photograph in her pocket while during a thunder storm. This ability and vision is drawn to a silver child to share with us all, an image of the cosmic snow, crystalline stones (orbs of light) that flow.


Images: expression of the cosmic orbs of the SUNS, from our heart rings of the blue flow like water and the dew.

One day, I took a photograph of the telephone, where the cosmic dust was shown as blots/orbs of white light, I was really angry that day and without my knowing, I was flowing and what was impossible turned possible. I took a photograph and the telephone taking the photograph was in the image. I didn't notice because I was looking at the cosmic dust. Holiness David took notice of the phone. How? Well that's heavenly sown, because what our abilities which are known, have not yet grown.

Image one.

Image two: Reminding you, that these images of the telephone and cosmic dust where taken by this telephone camera. How, well that's a crystal child's point of view. All the white dots where cosmic dust. Scientists have started to record this phenomena, with 12-24 hours elapsed photography in the darkness. While I took this image in the bright of day, because a crystal child, can sea in the darkness and dream impossible dreams.   

I heard a story of a Japanese boy who could take photographs with his mind. In other words, he would take images in his mind and transpose it to photographic paper for everyone else to see clearly. However it was black and white, rather than full color, I noticed. Wish I had an image from him. However, we must think about becoming the impossible dreaming (bee), to fly free.

 Image: Holiness David with a Rainbow on his face. This was the sunlight reflections.

"We as children of the light, the Rainbow Clan is still learning to grow up to live by faith, instead of the flesh," says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star (more references to Paul's writing in the bible, chapter; Galatians).
Image: Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star's heart flowing in the dark space (lavender child), captured on film, quite by accident as images from Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing (silver child) and myself (crystal child) images, for these are the things we do, to help everyone with their own view, each child of the rainbow clan gifts clues, just like you (magenta child, Cup of God). 

Image: Ask, believe, conceive. Skills of the Rainbow Clan in the Aqua sky (10 or red-flows, the winds know): psychic phenomena, such as flight in our dreams, coming out to beam.

1. telekinesis/psychokinesis (ability to move or deform/move inanimate objects by mental power, phenomena that appear to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes), 
2. teleportation (method of transportation in which matter or information is dematerialized, usually instantaneously, at one point and recreated at another),
3. levitation (to rise or cause to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity),
4. post cognition ( after awareness, perception, reasoning, judgement, intuition, knowledge),
5. telepathy (an instant messenger or thought transference, we expect people to know by telepathy what we are thinking, like angels speak the heart of the meek, humble and sweet; the communication between people of thoughts, feelings, desires, etc., involving mechanisms that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws Also called thought transference, mind reading, ESP or extrasensory perception, a sixth sense, extra sensory perception.)
6. clairvoyance ( power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses, acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness),
7. invisibility (impossible to see; not visible: Air is invisible, not accessible to view; hidden: mountain peaks invisible in the fog, not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous: "The poor are politically invisible" said, Michael Harrington, such as making others look another way/wave, or paying attention to the directive, like earthly illusionists, priorly/superiourly/heavenly known/knowlege as magicians),
8. theory of relativity (ability to expand/dilate time, access of time paths, more information look http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/HEP/QuarkNet/time.html)
9. influence, heal, mentally through use of pranic/prana/breath energy (cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe or a life force).
10. system negotiator (uniting rather than separation or destruction such as system busting),
11. crystalline energy (half female and half male, stone vibrations),
12. crystalline being (a light being, such as we are, part of the rainbow clan),
13. tachyon energy exercise (subatomic particle that always travels faster than the speed/velocity of light),
14. instant learning (download on the blue heavenly road, like the Sacred Song Blessings, the k/new language),
15. empath (feeling out others, heart sonar knowledge),
16. synaesthesia (stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color or a secondary sensation accompanying an actual perception, as the perceiving of sound as a color or the sensation of being touched in a place at some distance from the actual place of touching.),
17. transvection (The act of conveying or carrying over).
18. automatic writing (or psychography is writing which the writer claims to be produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.)
19. psychic surgery and other number of instant healings, including cancer such as during inipi or sweat ceremony),
20. scying (divining past, future, distant events in the presence with mirror surface or mirror knowledge)
21. catoptromancy (ordinary mirror gazing)
22. crystallomancy (crystal ball)
23. hydromancy (divination by the observation of water/liquids or solar wells, reflect dark liquids such as blood, wine or tea)
24. cyclicomancy [swirling or circles through the use of wands or pendulums, also a talsman or medicine knowledge or access to knowledge such as:
   a. cyclicomancy /ˈsɪklɨkɵmænsi/: by swirling water in a cup (Greek kuklikos, cyclical, circular + manteia, prophecy)
   b. cyclomancy /ˈsɪklɵmænsi/ or /ˈsaɪklɵmænsi/: by wheels (Greek kuklos, circle + manteia, prophecy)
   c. Astrology, divining through the “reading of one’s horoscope”.
   d. Tarot Cards or Taromancy (by things on paper),
   e. Feng Shui or Geomancy (by earth)
   f. Numerology (by numbers),
   g. Lithomancy (by precious stones),
   h. Ouija (by ouija board),
   i. Palmistry (palm reading)
   j. Runecasting (by runes). ]
25. onychomancy (seeing future reflection of nails of a virgin),
26. precognition (before, ahead of time through awareness, perception, reasoning, judgement, intuition, knowledge),
27. clairconizant (light bulb idea, feeling about, instant awareness),
28. clairsentient (sensing, sensibility, knowing through feeling, heart knowledge),
29. clairaudient (hearing voices),
30. prospicience (knowing in advance, seeing ahead),
31. The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.
32. telegnosis (knowledge about distant events alleged to have been obtained without the use of any normal sensory mechanism, like indigo children who are prophets and aqua color who envision the dreaming flow through meditation or reflection, such as moon gazing or any gazing for periods of time).
33. Here are some awesome lists that are great. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methods_of_divination and http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wikisaurus:divination (will add to the next hoop message, both urls or web addresses information to share)
34. add to this list, any relative to share (including comments section from everyone).

Look how much you taught us today "Cup of God Flips Over and Pours Out", in such a magical wave. Wishing you a magical weekend, full of dreams.
your devoted Twin Deer Mummy (White Buffalo calf Woman)
elder crystal child, alightfromwithin.org, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

image: on to the yellow road, full of treasures, when we find the blue road crossing the red road, at the end of the rainbow flows. Ah, the backwards walking and talking, where love is bowing back towards the center. Holiness David drives me crazy with this daily knowledge, I have to ask him to validate everything said by me or him or talk about it three of four times or different ways to be clear, it's exhausting, because he says it backwards (story tells first, rather than a title of the story, often this happens with our Sacred Song Blessings or Song Prayers as well, the heavenly language), looks like lying (what lies upon the heart, point of view) and walks backwards too, often the medicine men of the Hopi and other Native American tribes will express this way to enlighten the sage/wise/why's. Also, backwards and upside down is how we view the world, sow for me (blue road, spacial or radio waves), the heavenly east is left and earthly west is right, however from the earthly vision (red road, density or flesh), the sun rises in the east (right) and sets in the west (left). It's all the same. One day, a Lakota relative said to me, that my four directions was backwards. I had to tell him that if he walked around the circle, he could see it from both sides or two sides of the coin united, rather than divided, when we listen to all our relatives.

Image: And "I choose to be happy for the health of the world. Dance and Sing with us each new moon, where ever you are, to bring the Holy Ghost, the soul with the most into the world." White Buffalo calf Woman, elder crystal child of the Rainbow Clan. Angel Services Around the World

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World


Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to Let You Know!

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