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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lost Souls Come Home the Heavenly Death March (Renewal and Rebirth)

Aho Relatives,
This song was inspired by this early am elders agenda meeting started evening before. While doing the cleansing. This is a portion of the elders agenda meeting.  The song was so ery and I wanted to capture the image of "the calling".  Lost souls came, by the thousands, coming like ghost.  It was the Which-Cha, family name, Lakota clan name, Sioux tribe name, the spirit of the lake people, that gifted the calling to bring the many lost, to come to the awaken, through destruction, they are reborn.  We do not record the elders agenda, to bring in the text for elders to access.  However, I wanted to share a portion of the feeling, that was felt. So many lost souls returning home, to be reborn, tears fell and embraced as they dropped like flies as they came near me or close to me, like a horizon.  To have a dream again, is worth all the pain and tears we can suffer, to rejoice in the freedom to try again, to live again, to become again, the dream of consciousness and duty to the Oneness of God's devotion, to each other.

This is White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother. I am an elder crystal child. This means, I am pure of heart, offering lessons and with the direct ability to aim for a heart. Those who open the door into heaven find the soul of treasures, a gift of flight eternally blooms.  Only true love's devotion can call home, lost souls. And only through pure love, can a crystal child bring them home.  Be aware, this is part of a cleansing, to purify a dream space shared by elders during a weekly meeting.  Those who refuse the fire blessings are purified to the bone, often to their own deaths. Only to find a spirit reborn again anew.  Destruction is part of cleansing, offering new life.  We do not destroy out of hate, but to cleanse the world again.  This is done to save and not harm others, but to know true love, it's grace and bow of the dream space we all share together.  There is often misunderstanding with pure love's purification, but it was so powerful to loves devotion, that I wanted to share a part of "the calling of lost souls and a might rebirth of relatives. Below excerpt from the recent elders agenda meeting.

"Blue seas. I look at you.  Blue seas, my heart is true. I will love you more it's true. I will love you more it's true.  I feel the mighty wind. I feel it's coming again. I feel the mighty winds.  Hear my songs, it's eliminating sin. Which-cha (four directions of green grass), spark of life, feel the raging river of strife.  Feel it's pain and sorrow, it's a place we gift our life.  And as we grow, we must learn to sail and billow.  We are protected. We are protected.  Come to me, come to me. come to me, come to me, shadow breeze. I can sea you come to me. Like ghosts in a fairy tale, the shadows of the souls, come to me. Come to me, they  are under my spell.  Hear my song, what went wrong, don't you see, the willowing breeze ( I see, like in the show pirates of the carribean, surrounded by sea witches, but here, they flow like graywhite shadows, like ghosts, flying towards me, because I call for them, like lost souls, looking to come home, out of control. Here lies a pure of heart, to bring the lost souls home, unlike the sea witches of the movie, who are misunderstood, White Buffalo Calf Woman is Which-Cha, the green grass of four directions in rainbow colors.  The law is true devotional love, we bow and call out for the returning souls who need our love in from the heavenly blue, the heart of heaven, the song that charms the song).  Come to me, come to me, I am singing a song. Come to me, come to me, I am singing a song. I am not wrong (intelligence), but right (heart) here I stand to sing you a song. Come to me, come to me, I will hold your hands, I reach out, for all lands, all the ghosts who need a hand. Come to me. Come to me, I will feel the mighty breeze, the lost souls, who need a way to find due north (towards the light, north star, leading all sailors/journeyor home). Come to me. Come to me, I can see, you need to be pleased with your souls, to over flow, to know of gold.  And the fears, that you share, need not go away without cares, we will purify, all the breeze, come to me.  None are harmed, all are loved, come to me, come to me. I hold my hands out, freely. Come home to me.  Each fall down (tears hard to breath), as they run, torwards my hands, the river bends, and they are down (purified to crystalline form, atoms). Molecules all they are used, time to come home, either used. Come to me. Come to me, you fly near me (I call out, as they fly by to reach past me, they enter the door into heaven and perish, silently, purification has got them instantly). Come to me.  Come to me, I will set you solidly free. Hold my hand, I will wail. all my tears, will understand, all your pain, suffering without any gain, come to me (stuck in pain, not liberated).  And I know, what you hold, is what you need, to be set free, find the light inside the strife, the tears are set free.  And glowing lights a star sow bright, I will be true over rolling hills to you. Come to me. Come to me, none can resist me. I hold you close, my love is most. I will bow down to know the true, hold my hands, understand my river of tears. And when you go, down below, just understand, you will command another hand, when you are a ghost. You will serve the lord (each other, the host), the proud and boast, to guide them all to heaven's roost (four directions we swoon). Come to me, come to me, I will set you free.  And I am tears, sorry to hear, but I am here to hold your hands.  Come to me. Come to me, my heavenly lands. (Tears and sniffling and right side a river flowing tears, heart let's it out, left tears swelling, intelligence knowing).  Come to me, I feel the breeze, still more and more, they want to come and adore, come to me, a beautiful breeze and womanly kneads. Come to me, come to me, I will hold your hands, and understand, come to me, set you free, at heaven's door. The crystal light has no sight, but can sea into the light divided rare, the golden air, rainbow colors uncompared. And divine, let it shine. Come to me. Come to me, I hold my hands to understand. Come to me.  So many more and even more the gray ghost have no air, come to me, milliions please come to me. I am here, to hold your hands. I am calling to all the lands, come to me, come to me, no more shame bondage please. Come to me, hold my hands, dropping like a river of sand, just death everywher, they are cleansed. And as they arise, no more surprise, heavenly ghosts in the breeze. Come to me. Come to me, I stand hear eternally.  Thousand more and even more come to me, hear my plead. Come to me, I hold your hands.  Don't be lost, my soul has no cost, I will purify, love that is lost. Come to me.  Come to me in the breeze. Lift your soul, those who are not gold, cleanse and weep, not set in steep, slopes decline, heaven binds, come to me. Grayish dark blue inside, yellow like light streaming raidating glory (circular), a small light trail, then red equal to the blue, all merging colors like water color paintings, where colors emerge together and form unity and color shades that stream and bleed together binding them like fingers or villi, molecular villae, pappules, or hormonal sensor on the tongue) and held in green all of it square. 

Well that was quite amazing. Let me check the blue, where are we going too. I have to say, it's blue all the way, heaven's gates. Blue purified.  Red come to me, let me sea, the river of blood that sets us free, the law of love, shine down for liberty, past all the sights, we are down on our knees. We purify always light, the raging fire a mountain desire. WE are going to begin, another grin, to hold you close to me.  Red river is it true, you are mighter and imbued. Come clean up this place, don't make me chase. I want you to know, it's part of what is told. Don't you need me to hold you close?  Heaven imbued, red road is true, even the sound is whooshoo. i can recall, we are not very bold, but if I call out, my starting cloud. I will cry for you, just like a baby too.  I will need your sou, to hold me close.  Don't you see the truth, my heart beat is noose. I hold it' deer, the river that is clear. I just have to bless the sacred hoops this day, then I will find my noose slipping away, circles and halos, come find me this day, I am the red road, yellow displayed.  And children are golden, when dreams appear. Tell me Iguana, what do you flicker in the air. Crawling on the rocks faces hidden and lost, there the Iguana, shines to those who have socked (wind socks, catching the breeze, like kites, blowing eternally). Don't you sea the billowing waves of the breeze, there we rise up and dive down to share our sound. Music is playing. Music is a song. We are holding you all this long, streaming horizons, come shine on me, when you are drowning, the river will bleed, red road, will show, it's music eternally."

We hope you enjoy it, the Sacred Song Prayer, Lost Souls Come Home the Heavenly Death March.  Here is a feeling and sense of renewal to our relatives, who came home to bee true blue, once again, to dream upon the open seas.

Your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman elder crystal child, walking song and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star elder lavender child, holy man.
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Lost Souls Come Home the Heavenly Death March 07282011.WhiteBuffaloCalfWomanDrumsLostSoulsComeHomeHolinessDavidDrumsHeavenlyDeathMarch.mp3

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