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Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Man Arise Great Spirit at Hand and Green Grass Prayer

Aho Relatives of the Hoops our Four Directions,

This Sacred Song Blessings was inspired by our beloved Red Man child.  We have recently been inflicted with death, from alcohol, anger and violence. Our beloved Chippewapa (Rainbow River in the Sky), a blue child (heart of the world dancer) and her mate Running Free (Screaming Eagle), a violet child (pipe keeper) attended family services among our Red Man child relatives. Cree, Dakota, Objibwa and extended Red Relatives, come blow your horn!

We sing today for the many young warriors, who stand in shame and abandonment, to the rejoicing of the Great Spirit that flows through us today.  In a time of ever changing prophecy, we must put SHAME and BLAME away, to use BLESSINGS in DAILY PRAYER and SPIRITUAL RITUAL in it's place.  What is impure, does not belong to me.  I AM PERFECT, what is NOT PERFECT does NOT BELONG TO ME! Cleanse the spirit with the Pipe or Fire Blessings.  We use water daily, over and over throughout the day as we cleanse our hands, we use FIRE daily, over and over throughout the day, to cleanse our spiritual hands.

We recommend the download for the "Holy Week Day".  You can download it at http://birthingofhope.blogspot.com. Links to the sacred fire blessings begins, with a fire in your hand, one kind or another and if you can see (eyes open) the sun or a star, you can bless with this too. Now, while the fire is on, we say, "I bless the sacred nine directions". There are 1-9 numbers and 0 which means flow and circle of life. These nine numbers make all star stories (entire universe, White Buffalo Calf Woman is here to back it up with science), in which the RED MAN is the Story Teller.  You may not, know the story. But if you practice, to use your soul once again, the knowledge would flow through you. The sacred winds, would find you.  Love is Law, it's the Red Road.  If you don't act accordingly, the impure will take it's form in rage and violence, like a fire destroys.  If we destroy the impure rage and violence (red road) with blessings throughout the day, we over come with waters and tears of heaven (blue road), that cleanses the raging fire.

Many lost ceremonies are being held close in our hearts.  Soon, all the people, will have them in their own arms and books of the heart will spring forth.  We are learning to run with the flesh body, the spirit body.  When we are in harmony (Grandmother dreamspace), we act accordingly.  When we do not act accordingly, it's simply inharmonic and pain and suffering persist.  One must act accordingly, the red road, the physical flesh of rainbow colors and the blue road, the heavenly soul of spiritual song harmonize.  Red cross the Blue and Yellow springs true.  This is when we are flying free. Our souls find the between, when we are flowing to red and fro blue and back and forth in the snake pattern, we find the yellow road appears, the golden path is in bloom and dreams start to come true.  This is the change in evolution we are aspiring to become.  WE do not use, separation, but unity to bring our warriors home.  We do not forget about them.  Our recent loss takes us to where heaven arises, a star is born.  We cannot blame our actions and reactions, but instead aim to not continue to further the escalation of violence in the world, by teaching the whole world, how to PRAY.  To relieve their suffering and to bring harmony again to their days.

Teach upon your heart, what sails away.  But man, you must choose, to learn from your lessons. And Woman, she must fight to the death, to stand by her man, all the time, demanding the law of love. And elders and warriors, you must stand by the Woman who is screaming at her MAN.  True love means, all our children need us, including grown children of the Great Spirit.  WE are learning ourselves to become as Great, to be a Great Spirit who rises up and stands their ground.

During this recording, we figured out, that our microphone, was good a capturing high tones. And it was not able to capture the low tones.  I often do throat singing when aligning with the Red Man. They know the law of love, upon the red road, better than all others.  Their feet is clinging fast to this law.  But as they grew up to be like their FATHER white man, they learned to be like him, distant and away. Now the TWIN CHILD red man, has a hold of Father's hand and says, "I got a better way, come with me.  Let us pray, all our fears will go away.  We will show the earth and sky the right way.  We will show honor and justice, through the Great Spirit that flows in all things, including you. Come take my hand. I will show you the promised land."

As the low tones did not come out the way we had liked, there are times, when the sound almost hurts, but God hurts right now.  We will adapt various microphones to adapt and bring out the low tones on the red road in the future. The echo starts to arise and gets further and closer away, to be all around you.  We hope that this helps you to understand the rainbow glory or circular rainbow, we are the Rainbow Clan, all colors all things, the all of the universes.  We are the living dream, learning to become the yellow stream (yellow road) over rolling hills (waves either sound or light).  I stand here, I hear all around, I am a Great Spirit, who stands proud.

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo (male principle of rainbow colors) Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka, walking song and holy interpreter
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ps.  I depart with you a pipe sharing.

Green Grass Prayer: Pipe Sharing Song (get prepared to share the pipe)
We light this crystalline rock pipe filled with green grass: indian hemp, which once filled the lands around the globe as our earth gave it away freely, man has hoarded the gift; it is time to fill our pipes with our spirit to heal the world. all benefit; share the pipe and give it away; it's time to spread the seeds once again.

We light this crystalline rock pipe filled with green grass. Here the red of my bowl is filled with fire. I light all my mire.  I journey with my breath to take in all the healing to begin.  I blow to ride the sky, upon billowing waves of puffs.  I seek onto the floors of ever growing stores of one and two is three (blue, red, yellow), the tree, how magically it could be. I dream to have more, in order for me to share. I give away all I can, to start to make again.  Gifting a creator am I.  Holding part of this pipe (wholeness).  I will be close to my soul.  I will billow around to where green grass flows. And when I rise my pipe to the winds, I know I too will billow again.  I will start by purifying my mire, to escape the hardships I walk.  I sing to bring back my soul, to dance once more as I go.  And as I seek the heavenly skies, I just walk to feel family arise.  Rainbow colors come touch my heart. Rainbow colors, teach me your art. Let me share the stories I know. Let me be great as this show.  I lift my pipe to the world. I bow down, like a good branch, like it should. I bless all things I go by, to ensure, I will be part of this pipe (pie, wholeness, circle of life in spiraling four directions in rainbow colors).  And there my soul will ride, the journey high in the sky. I will be a WARRIOR indeed. I will bee a wonderful DREAM.  And when all is said and gone. I will be remembered for what I did nice. I will be part of the heavenly train, the billows of those who learned to gain.  I walk in silence again, to hear the river of reign. The souls who need me right hear, the souls who need me right here. I will be the trouble that dies, inside a place, where heaven collides. I can give my impure away, when I remember to pray.  I bow today to light this pipe towards my face, the red bowl and green grass tell me what to say.  I remember, I start with law of love, the red road, that gives is all up (bows down with loving tears from the heart rules over firey wise).  And the green grass* that holds all the life, the oneness who is embraced the river of life. The reflective crystalline road, the place all dreams are to BEHOLD.

*Green Grass

Green, is the spiritual leader of the oneness, the fourth daughter in the house of God in the fourth position, she is squared.  This is the vehicle or breath and oneness (universe) must walk towards the center pole, the bounce back, echo of the song, the heavenly breeze. Here and Hear one must become a participant.  These days, we go off and hide to pray alone. But in order to be truly spiritual, one must bounce off the walls and walk back to the center pole.  We dance around the sacred tree, the center pole. This is Grandmother (gray child) who holds us all together in dream space.  The circle of life is represented by honoring and bowing in prayer with Grandmother holder of dreams.  She keeps us grounded a place where we enter and depart, while we can hold a dream space together, while she weaves us together around the pole (dancers in a may pole dance and the sacred solstice sun dance). When we can echo a story to someone, we literally bounced back off the walls, contained in four sacred directions in rainbow colors.  With all this pinging, we are certainly being weaved back and forth, around the bends and into the winds.  However, if we sing or repeat stories other persons speak of or validate all words spoken, then we share the story. We bounce back off the wall, do the roll over, like a running up a wall and then jumping down back where you started.  This is the law of sound, to sing your way up off your feet to take a leaping faith we keep. Here, we dream, we validate, we share, we demand the law of love, to hear your story.  I then will speak my story, by demanding the law of love, bless purify and bow, then we can begin again. Until then, we will pray for you in the winds. Aho, my relatives in the winds.  WE are going home once again.  Let your spirit fly free, bounce off the walls and breath, follow the smoke and be a bloke (arm around, companion, a laying of order, rainbow colors shine) and you will find, perfect company. 

Red Man Arise Great Spirit at Hand, July 29, 2011.  Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star. 

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Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to Let You Know!

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